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UW-Green Bay’s Meacham wins literary journal contest for flash fiction chapbook

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Rebecca Meacham, English and Humanistic Studies, has won a literary journal contest award for her chapbook of flash fiction, which will be published in early March.

“Morbid Curiosities” earned top honors in the chapbook contest of New Delta Review, a literary journal produced by graduate students in the Master of Fine Arts program at Louisiana State University. Meacham’s work consists of 14 stories that are between 290 and 1,000 words long, in keeping with the style of flash fiction, which generally describes very short stories. The entire chapbook will be about 45 pages long.

Meacham’s collection explores the line between private loss and public spectacle in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, with stories often imagined from found things: suitcases, watches, news headlines, school spellers. Events range from the mundane to the extraordinary, with one tale imagining the voices behind the suitcases of inmates in a New York insane asylum from 1910 until 1960. Another story uses the language of an 1870s primer to help students seek revenge on a cruel schoolmaster, while yet another assumes the point of view of a tornado. Twelve of 14 of the collection’s stories have been, or will be, published in journals. Many are available online, and can be accessed via Meacham’s website, http://rebeccameachamwriter.com.

The New Delta Review award was chosen by Mark Yakich, writer and professor of English at Loyola University New Orleans. In reviewing the collection, Yakich reflects on how Meacham uses death and irony in her works of flash fiction: “What I glean most of all here is that while many of us live lives of intentional or unintentional irony, it is death that best ‘enfold[s] the layers of irony’ we’ve lived. As at the end of the story ‘Mrs. Williamson Winds the Watch,’ we view death ‘surprised’ and something to ‘back away’ from, but also we often find ourselves ‘smiling’ to endure morbidity: ‘giddy as a girl carrying the sun in her pocket, poised on the brink of radiance.’ “ That story is one of two set in Wisconsin, written as Meacham was researching the infamous Peshtigo Fire of 1871.


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Education: Alumni Stories


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Designer Spotlight – Addie Sorbo

Addie Sorbo, president of Strawberry Fields Design and lecturer in graphic design and two-dimensional design at her alma mater UW-Green Bay, was featured in the AAF Fox River Ad Club’s Designer Spotlight. She talks about her new e-commerce business, ScriptCharms, and shares some insight on what it takes to launch a new business: http://aaffoxriver.org/designer-spotlight-addie-sorbo/

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Dalke publication

Karen Dalke, lecturer for Democracy and Justice Studies,
recently published an article, “Adopting a Mustang through an Anthropological
Lens: Exploring Cultural Concepts across Species” in Bhatter College’s
Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies. It was a special issue on Animal

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Morgan’s essay published in foreign relations review

Eric J. Morgan, assistant professor of Democracy and Justice
Studies, recently published an essay in the January 2014 issue of Passport:
The Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations Review
. His essay,
“Americans in the World: Reflections on a Travel Course to South Africa,”
discusses Morgan’s experience of planning and leading a UW-Green Bay travel
course for the first time, exploring how the two-week immersion in Cape Town
last year changed both his students and himself. Additionally, Morgan’s review
of Glenda Sluga’s Internationalism in an Age of Nationalism appeared in
a recent issue of Cercles: Revue Pluridisciplinaire du Monde

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Huh publication

Economist Yunsun Huh, an assistant professor of Democracy and
Justice Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies, is the author of the lead
article in the December 2013 edition of The Journal of Women and
. Her paper’s title is “Gender Equality, Economic Development, and
Labor Market Success of East Asian Migrants.” It examines the U.S. labor market
performance of East Asian migrants (from Korea, Japan and China) from a gendered
perspective. Analyzing the motivating factors, Huh compares the status of
development and women’s empowerment and subsequent labor market outcomes. The
results show human capital factors and home country gender equality play
significant roles in shaping outcomes.

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Assoc. Professor, Daniel Meinhardt, served as associate editor for Sustain Alaska magazine.

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Daniel Meinhardt, Human Biology, recently served as associate editor for the magazine Sustain Alaska, a new publication by a sustainable development company in Anchorage, Alaska. The magazine contains an article by Meinhardt reporting on his 2011 trip to the native village of Shishmaref, Alaska, where dramatic changes in sea ice coverage and water levels are threatening the local way of life.
Dr. Daniel Meinhardt – meinhada@uwgb.edu (http://goo.gl/LQI3Lo)

Sustain Alaska Magazine

Sustain Alaska Magazine

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UWGB Faculty Display Art at Public Museum

UW-Green Bay Professor of Art and Design, Kristy Deetz, said she is eager to exhibit her artwork with that of other faculty.

The Neville Public Museum is showcasing the artwork of UW-Green Bay and St. Norbert College faculty in an exhibit that opened Saturday, January 26, 2013.

“The Art and Design faculty appreciate the Neville Public Museum for creating this opportunity for us to exhibit our work. This will provide possibilities for new exchanges between faculty, students and communities of both UW-Green Bay and St. Norbert,” said Deetz.

Neville Public Museum marketing assistant, Jenny Seim, said “The Artist as Teacher Part 1: The Fine Arts” features artwork from faculty of UW-Green Bay and St. Norbert College art departments. All artists have exhibition records both locally and beyond state borders. Some have been nationally recognized for their work. Participating artists can exhibit up to four pieces of their original artwork.

UW-Green Bay faculty members who are contributing artwork to the exhibit include Carol Emmons, Stephen Perkins, Toni Damkoehler, Kristy Deetz, Addie Sorbo, Christine Style, Alison Gates, Alison Stehlik, Jennifer Mokren, Mindy Wittock, Barbara Gossen, Sarah Detweiler and Minkyu Lee.

For the full story, click here: http://news.uwgb.edu/featured/close-ups/01/30/neville-museum-art-exhibit/

art-exhibit-400art exhibit 3art exhibit 2


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Russ (Business faculty) edits international journal

February 2013: “The latest edition ( Volume 3 Issue No. 2) of the International Journal of Management and Business, IJMB, is now available. UW-Green Bay Prof. Meir Russ of the Cofrin School of Business is chief editor of the publication, which presents academic papers whose abstracts are offered in six languages: English, French, German Spanish, Arabic. and Italian. Among topics addressed in this issue are the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, cultural diversity, entrepreneurs’ job stress, risk disclosures, the case of American oil multinationals operating in the UK, and more. You may view this and other issues of IJMB at: http://www.iamb.net/IJMB/journal.html.”

From UWGB Inside Newsroom: http://news.uwgb.edu/log-news/faculty-staff/02/01/faculty-russ-journal/

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