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Dietetics students shine at statewide nutrition conference

UW-Green Bay Dietetics programs (undergraduate and internship) were well
represented at the recent Wisconsin Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual
conference in Stevens Point. Jessica Davidson, a current dietetic intern and
UW-Green Bay Human Biology graduate, was recognized as Dietetic Intern of the
Year. Caitlin Baker, a Human Biology major with a Nutrition Science emphasis,
was recognized as Student of the Year; and Denise Halbach, a Human Biology major
with a Nutrition Science emphasis, was awarded the Bernice Mateika Scholarship.
What’s more, the UW-Green Bay student and internship delegation (more than two
dozen in all) came up with an idea on the spot for a feed-the-needy exercise as
part of the conference.



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Callie Bartel-UW-Green Bay Graduate Returns As Training

Callie Bartel; UW-Green Bay Graduate

Callie Bartel, worked with U.S. Paralympic Throwing Team in Chula Vista, Calif., May 20-26, 2013.

Bartel was earned this opportunity because of a connection at  The College of St. Scholastica, where Bartel received her master’s degree (2011) in Athletic Training. Her supervisor during her two years at the Duluth, Minn. campus was originally scheduled to attend the camp, but was forced to cancel and find a replacement. Bartel’s name was thrown in the mix of potential replacements, and just weeks later she found herself in southern California with one of the most fulfilling experiences of her young career.

While at the camp Bartel learned just how in-tune Paralympic athletes are with their bodies, and how skilled they are at their respective sports. She talked with a blind high-jumper and watched a women’s rugby contest, and also saw firsthand just how much work goes into being a thrower from a wheelchair or seated position.

“Their skills at their respective sports and the overall knowledge they have of each sport and their body was incredible—most athletes come to an athletic trainer and say their knee hurts or their ankle is sore. These athletes would come to me and tell me their Gastrocnemius muscle in their knee needed to be stretched,” Bartel said.

A 2009 graduate of UW-Green Bay and a 2011 graduate of The College of St. Scholastica, Bartel began working with Phoenix student-athletes last fall. During her short time with the program, she’s impressed UW-Green Bay’s Director of Sports Medicine and Performance Jeremy Cleven, who also serves as the department’s head athletic trainer.

“I was very excited that we were able to add Callie to our staff earlier this year because of her knowledge and work ethic,” Cleven said. “She’s made the right business connections and received this amazing opportunity as a result, and did a fantastic job with it as I expected her to.”

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French Students’ Teaching Internships

The French program at UW-Green By offers the opportunity to teach French in the community at a local elementary school. This is a wonderful opportunity to practice your critical thinking skills. Future teaching candidates love this opportunity as well. Contact Professor E. Nicole Meyer for further information, meyern@uwgb.edu

Hear what students had to say about their teaching internships:

Rob Alexander:
I love the internship and am having so much fun! Before coming into this, I didn’t think that 4th graders could handle too much knowledge. To my surprise, however, they’re learning so much and the challenge is trying to plan what we’re going to teach. From report: I am very glad that I had the opportunity to partake in this internship during my first year of college. It has shown me a lot about mt abilities as a teacher and my abilities in the language. It is exciting for me to think that I have the chance to do what I’m doing now during the internship as a career later on in life. If I had the opportunity to do it again, I would. I hope that there will be opportunities like this for me in the future.

Kristie Pfeil:
This was a great opportunity to learn more about children and how to communicate with them. This experience helped enhance my confidence of speaking and being in front of a group of people and it strengthened my leadership abilities. I am glad I was given this opportunity to teach children.

french 2french 1

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Psychology interns get hands-on with after school research

Six UW-Green Bay students are working to make after-school programming better, getting real-world experience in area schools as undergraduate interns. Under the supervision of Assistant Prof. Jenell Holstead, Psychology, the students are working in various Title I Green Bay School District schools, studying issues ranging from homework reluctance to what motivates kids. Eventually, they’ll use their research to create after-school resources for staff members to use. The full story can be found here.

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UWGB Launches Development Project

Special Assistant to the Chancellor Dan Spielmann on Friday, November 1, was featured in an NBC 26 news story about Brown County’s plans to create a research and business park near the UW-Green Bay campus. The creation of such a facility would be beneficial for University and community alike, Spielmann said, offering educational, internship, research and job opportunities for students and grads while providing ample benefits for area businesses. Plans for such a park have been discussed for some time and recently have been revitalized, officials said. More information on this story can be found here.

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